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The Dream Fund and Kassie’s Book for Diabetic Parents

Periscope up! The more you look, the more you find — in this case implying that if you ever, ever felt alone with your diabetes, forget it! I can hardly believe how many hot programs and cool people I am starting to run into all centered around this disease.
Here are two of the latest items I’ve found:
* The Ascenia Dream Fund is an annual contest run by the diabetes division of Bayer to…

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Make That Four with a Twist: TeenTalk Host Starts a Blog

Yet another new flavor of diabetes blog has arrived in the form of Lemonade Life, a new blog just launched by a 19-year-old college student to reach teens and young adults. Allison Blass is the host of Teen Talk, an online chat for teens with diabetes at, and has been itching to branch out on her own, she tells me.
Enough of us thirty-something women with families! Time for something for teens, Allison notes.…

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Multiplying Like Rabbits, Continued

New diabetes blogs continue to pop up like weeds! Here are three new ones with a twist:
* MarathonSwimmer – from a 30-year-old Type 1 diabetic (for 17 years) who is training to swim the English Channel.
* Sam Woodfin’s Diabetes Notebook – a Type 2 diabetic and Creative Type whose blog pages include baseball, haiku, art, and Mac stuff, along with the diabetes section.
* Challenge Diabetes, a brand new blog from Kevin McMahon,…

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European Vacation, and Read ME on!

One. Long. Trip.
Well now, compared to years past, the 10-hour flight was almost relaxing. Everybody in my family but me slept for a while. No one screamed. Only one needed to use the paper sick bag. Twice. But recovered quickly. So pretty smooth, really!
It was the 4+ hours from Amsterdam Schiphol to Duesseldorf that put me over the edge. At one point while waiting nearly 2 hours for a train connection at some…

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Standard Deviation Buzz

There seems to be a lot of buzz about the fact that it’s not just about A1C’s anymore; rather, it’s about using the Standard Deviation to evaluate the success of your diabetes management. If you think about it, it’s common sense really: a simple average of your blood glucose over the past three months doesn’t tell you how far you’ve strayed from the ideal range. You may get an excellent “average” number that is nothing…

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