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The Power of Apology in Medicine

A few weeks ago I received a rather odd book to review: “The Power of Apology in Medicine,” a short treatise on “the movement toward apology and full disclosure in medicine.”
We chronic patient types know all about the importance of good “bedside manner.” We’ve all got our doctor horror stories about insensitive comments and shockingly inappropriate behavior. These ugly encounters stick with us forever, and add an extra crust of negativity to our already…

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What’s New This Visit

It’s fascinating coming to Europe once a year. Every year. At the same time. There’s always interesting new stuff, most of it imported from the US, it seems. Here’s what’s new this year, as far as I can tell:
1) Germany is getting fatter. My husband and I keep exchanging bug-eyed glances at all the seriously overweight — and also truly obese — people we see (kids included), which certainly wasn’t the case when I…

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All About Sharps Disposal

First off, I want to thank all of you who commented on my recent post about “Diabetes Trash.” I did not know about those nifty needle-cutters from BD; I’m learning so much from you all!
The issue, of course, was what to do with used sharps when you’re out and about. One commenter noted that there’s always the “mint container” option, as in carrying an old tin around with you to store used lancets, pen…

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Gluecklich in Deutschland

I just realized that that last post made everything sound pretty glum here in Germany, when in fact, we are having a wonderful time. The weather has been so pleasant that we’ve eaten every single meal for 10 days outside in my in-laws’ garden. That’s quite a big WOW for this climate.
The little cousins are loving each others’ company, and we walk to the cafe for Gelato nearly every day. I’ve figured out the…

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Revelations aus Deutschland

First, the really ugly revelation: apparently my new diabetic self can no longer tolerate cocktails. Uggghhh. Yet another enjoyable consumable that’s off my list. I thought it was the jet lag, but apparently it was just the hard liquor that was making me sick after dinner every night. OK, so I’m sipping German Sekt very gingerly and squinting my eyes to make all those fantastic European baked goods look a little less appealing. *Sigh*

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