LIVE from the Biggest Event in Diabetes

The whole thing was so last-minute, I barely got my insulin packs cooled, but here I am — LIVE! — at the center of the American Diabetes universe: The American Diabetes Association’s Annual “Scientific Sessions” conference in San Diego, CA. I bet lots of you don’t know much about this event. Actually, neither did I until a few weeks ago. Then I was hemming and hawing about attending, thinking it logistically impossible with my mega-busy life. But Mr. Wonderful Partner stepped up to the plate with full support, so here I am in beautiful downtown San Diego (well, inside the high-AC conference center, anyway).

SandiegoadasmAfter all these years, I’m Lois Lane once again, on assignment for two hot diabetes Web pubs: the DiabetesMonitor and the DiabetesBlog. Please check these sites for my ADA conference reports in the next few days. Oh yes!

(I should note that this is a fully volunteer gig, with me personally picking up all the expenses; since diabetes publishing seems to be my new passion, it was my choice to “invest” in checking out the scene.)

Now in my professional years, I attended countless industry trade shows and conferences, but this is the first time I can remember ever having complete freedom to choose whatever talks and events I personally would like to attend. (I was always assigned to the client’s needs, staffing some briefing or another.) So the array of HUNDREDS of “sessions” to choose from is a little mind-boggling!

I just arrived this afternoon (Friday), so let’s see where tomorrow will take me. Of the nine topic areas, I’ve chosen to concentrate on two: “general” diabetes, and “insulin signaling/insulin action.” Just figured these would be most meaningful to the average patient.

The first thing I signed up for is “Regenerating Beta Cells,” then “Women with Diabetes Throughout the Lifecycle,” followed by “Counsel on Exercise,” and “The Role of Family in Diabetes Care.” Now it just remains to be seen if this diabetic conference-goer has the stamina for several days straight of back-to-back diabetes sessions. Sadly, attending such a conference really IS my idea of a FUN GETAWAY from the daily nuttiness of juggling work and motherhood(!) Yippee, “real” clothes and meals without sippy cups! Do you see what I’ve come to? Well, I’m glad to be here any way you slice it.

More soon…


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  1. Kathleen
    Kathleen August 2, 2005 at 8:53 pm | | Reply

    I have never posted anything before so if I mess this up, it won’t be the first or the last. I am definitly one that would go back to the typewriter if asked.

    Today is Tuesday August 2, 2005 and I have just been put on Byetta. From what I have heard from my Diabetis couselor and doctor this sounds like a really great medication. I was on Actos and put on 45 pounds in 1 year. Nobody can eat that much in a year, I don’t care if you have a drop a day. So they started me on this. I am hoping that it will help control my drops about 3-4 a week and also help me loose weight. Maybe just give me the opportunity to make better choices. I am not good at dieting and I hate to measure, I have no will power and no follow thru. The last big weight lose that I had was Phen Phen, and we all know what a bust that was. I had no bad effects, I was lucky, I know a few people that were not so lucky.
    I have a alot of concerns because of that experiance and also because a trial med is not always the best.

    Would appreciate any info anyone could pass my way.

    Thanks. K

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