Book Reviews: “Fix-It-and-Forget-It” Cooking and Diabetes Travel Fun

So I got my first two review copies of diabetes books last week (the publicists have found me!). What fun!! The first is a new, diabetic version of the “Fix-It-and-Forget-It” Cookbook series by New York Times bestselling author Phyllis Pellman Good (published in cooperation with the ADA). Slow_cooker

With my big family, I love the idea of preparing meals ahead for an easy serve-up at dinner time. Now I don’t happen to own a slow-cooker, but they seem to be very convenient — and also very trendy at the moment (anyone care to send me a slow-cooker to review?!) And I’m also gluten-intolerant (remember?) so there were a number of recipes in this book that I had to ignore. But there are hundreds of recipes sent in by people from all over the country (the publishers apparently culled through all the previous “Fix-It” recipes and made “adjustments” for diabetic eaters). What I like is the fact that there seem to be A LOT of good ideas about what to do with things I normally struggle with, like lamb, venison, and yes — vegetables, including a half-dozen recipes for squash alone, and at least 8 for sweet potatoes. In short, the book’s bound to be a nice addition to the kitchen of any diabetic with a slow-cooker, for sure :) This one costs $18.95, and can be purchased on the ADA site HERE.

The second book, “Diabetic Travel Tales and Tips,” is a thin little volume that could almost pass as a collection of blog entries. The author, Marilyn Garcia is a Stanford AND Yale grad who has had Type 1 for over 40 years. She has also traveled all over the world.

MarilyngarciaMarilyn sketches out 17 different diabetic travel adventures in about 3-5 pages each — everything from “the cat ate my pump” to chasing your ricocheting syringe around the airplane restroom during turbulence. Although some of the stories are a little light on the diabetes lessons, I still think this one would make a charming gift for that special diabetic in your life who likes to travel — or who perhaps hasn’t yet dared to do so — because it’s funny, very down-to-earth, and offers some good lists and tips with real-world solutions to travel dilemmas. It will definitely build your confidence that you, too, can go anywhere and do just about anything with your diabetes in tow.

The author tells me this one will first be available in SEPTEMBER,
and will sell for S16.95 including S&H. You can submit your name
to reserve a copy by clicking contact on Marliyn’s Web page.


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  1. Elinor Acterman
    Elinor Acterman June 1, 2005 at 6:36 pm | | Reply

    Since I love to eat but not cook I’m off to buy a slow cooker and let it do the work. Oh yes, and the book, too. Thanks for the tip.
    Good review, Amy!

  2. Bill Braithwaite
    Bill Braithwaite June 4, 2005 at 3:06 pm | | Reply

    my Dad does a lot of cooking with his slow-cooker or crockpot & the results are phenomenal!!

    the roast beef done in there with gravy is to die for – just like grandma used to make!! ;) )

    the recipe he uses has 1 pkg Lipton Onion soup mix & a bottle of beer. the roast beef turns out so tender it’s incredible!
    i’m not sure about any of the diabetic food counts on this – typically if something tastes good & yer diabetic then it’s automatically BAD for you!! ;) )

    he also does a mean stew with Hamburger & potatoes & carrots & veggies that’s great!!

    i’ve never cooked with a slow-cooker but i’ll sum up my thoughts:

    1) Food Tastes Great!!

    2) Only 1 Pot

    3) Lots of Food for Several Days

    4) Healthy Eating

    Enjoy!! ;) )

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