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dLife on Sex and Scallops

I wanted to mention that we finally caught the dLife show this past Sunday afternoon (usually a challenging time for us to get in front of the TV). It wasn't half bad! I was pretty down on the premiere, I admit, but this episode was more lively and interesting by far.
They talked openly about sex (which will liven up any show!), and emphasized the importance of partner communication when it comes to diabetic "issues"…

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My former Diabetes Educator (insurance switch,
don’t ask!) told a group of us once that she’s often not sure if she’s
irritable for a good reason, or for a diabetes reason. She was shopping at the mall with her teenage
son when she suddenly stopped to check her BG. “Nope! I’m OK, so it really is you!” she told him. “You’re driving me
I’ve got the same thing going. I mean, when I’m feeling…

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Diabetic Cyclists “Strive for 6.5”

Now THIS is a cool way to deal with your diabetes and help others at the same time. Check out TEAM TYPE 1. Phil Southerland and Joe Elridge are college students in Georgia who are into competitive cycling. Both have had diabetes since they were kids (Phil since 7 mos old, Joe since 10 yrs old). Both are active in the pursuit of a cure. Their motto is: “We do not want to live with…

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Patient Blogs in the Wall Street Journal -- Who, Me??

OK, so a few hours after I posted my spiel about medical blogs last week, I got an email from a woman claiming to be a journalist writing a piece about PATIENT BLOGS for the WALL ST. JOURNAL. And guess what? She WAS a genuine journalist writing a piece about PATIENT BLOGS for the WALL ST. JOURNAL!!! As many of you know, I was featured in the story on Wednesday, May 4.
Warning, Rare Occurrence:…

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Endo Blogs!

Anyone else notice that once you get sucked into the blog scene, it’s kinda hard to stop? I mean, Web surfing till the wee hours was one thing, but now I click through a labyrinth of fascinating blogs at least twice a day, often so intent that I tune out my kids’ screaming altogether (oooh, maybe I could write it off as therapy?)
In any case, I wanted to share the news that there are…

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