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Another Perspective on Brinkmann vs. Coke: Sugar-Sick

I chatted with my husband about the Brinkmann vs. Coca-Cola case tonight, and he threw me for a loop: “Of course these cases are ridiculous, but I think they serve an important purpose,” he said.
“They do?!”
“Yes, of course. Naturally Coca-Cola didn’t cause that man’s diabetes, but have you seen their marketing? They make Coke look like a nutrititous part of any diet, like something you can drink gallons of without any effect,” he…

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Litigation Madness

I should be chuckling about the German man who tried to sue Coca-Cola recently for ostensibly causing his diabetes. But I’m gritting my teeth instead.
One of the things I’ve always loved about Europe was the fact that people seemed to be more grounded over there. They didn’t try to sue for silly things like a cup of steaming hot coffee that they supposedly didn’t know could burn them.
But now it seems that just…

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Words AND Images

Some of you may have noticed that I have mastered the skill of posting both words and images here on my blog. What an Internet Wizardess I’ve become! Yet another enhancement for which I can thank the diabetes! In any case, I had a rough day yesterday — involving battery acid on my favorite jeans! and lots of small children covered head-to-toe in homemade “schlud” (schloppy mud, they tell me), and some of those kids…

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Gluten-Free Read

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I also suffer from gluten intolerance, an inability to digest gluten (also called celiac disease) that affects an estimated 3 million Americans — 1 percent of the population. I read somewhere that upwards of 30% of Type 1 diabetics also suffer from this additional, genetic auto-immune disorder. Still, one hears very little about this potentially life-threatening syndrome.
Viola! My “local” newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle,…

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Happy Cows

Another fascinating diabetes discovery that I take with a big grain of salt (pun intended): Forbes reports today that consumption of low-fat dairy products may lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes in men.
A study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed data on more than 41,000 healthy men over 12 years -– and found that “each serving-per-day increase in total dairy intake was associated with a…

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