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Two-Year Anniversary

Today marks two years ago that a pasty woman doctor with scraggly hair made a mock motion of anointing me with holy water in my hospital bed as she declared, “you are now a Diabetic.” She was trying to make light of the situation, of course, but I was horrified.
After a night of being re-hydrated via IV, and woken every 20 minutes for a vital-signs check, plus every 2 hours for insulin shots, I’d…

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Multiplying Like Rabbits, the Webring

New diabetes blogs are popping up everywhere. I just realized that I have added 10 new ones
to my blogroll since the end of April!
Aside from dLife’s new blog, I think one of the most interesting brand new additions — out of Western Canada –- is called Candid Diabetes. This is Tiffany L, age almost-25, who’s had Type 1 for 14 years, and started the MedTronic pump two years ago. She says she’s “joined…

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dLife Launches Blog

dLife has launched its own blog at
Well, I’ll be darned! I have been corresponding with editor Paula Ford-Martin for a while now, but honestly didn’t see this one coming. I’m sure we all shall be very interested to see how it develops.…

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Post-Gym Observations: ADA’s Faux Paz Could be Fatal

I have returned from the gym, triumphant (!) -– having learned that after a week-and-a-half of slouching, I am not totally out of shape. In fact, I worked out harder than ever, like a maniac even, thinking of Kerri all the while with tears in my eyes. Ugh…
Now I see that the news is spreading that Richard Kahn, the chief scientific and medical officer with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), has managed a foot-in-mouth…

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My Worst Fears

I live in mortal fear that I’ll screw up one night and take a large dose of Novolog instead of the required long-acting Lantus. (Which would of course mean hypoglycemic coma.) Or one sleepy morning I’ll take my dose of Lantus again, by accident, and overdose that way. It would be SO EASY to do. Most nights (and mornings) I’m half asleep when I inject anyway. I WILL make a mistake one day soon, and…

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