Litigation Madness

I should be chuckling about the German man who tried to sue Coca-Cola recently for ostensibly causing his diabetes. But I’m gritting my teeth instead.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Europe was the fact that people seemed to be more grounded over there. They didn’t try to sue for silly things like a cup of steaming hot coffee that they supposedly didn’t know could burn them.

But now it seems that just like all the other American craziness, litigation-madness is making its way over to Europe — especially Germany, my “second home” and one-time Land of Reason. (I lived there many years, speak German fluently, and still journey there annually with my family).

Thankfully, the German courts still seem to have their heads on straight. They threw the case out, not only on the basis that Coke is clearly labelled as a source of sugar, but also (and I translate): “Whether Coca-Cola has a detrimental effect and causes diabetes is not the issue… because every individual is responsible for their own healthful lifestyle.”

Now there’s something every diabetic should know, Herr Brinkmann!

What’s more, Brinkmann’s case against chocolate bar maker Masterfood (Mars bars) was already thrown out of the courts in April 2002 — in part on the grounds of the man’s obvious risk factors: overweight, poor nutrition, stress, and “insufficient activity level.” Still, he tried again. What’s Brinkmann’s particular brand of madness? Looking for someone to blame for his diabetes? Or looking to cash in big? If it’s the American kind, probably both.

Colagermany (Photo shows a Coke delivery truck in front of the State Court of Essen, parked there while the case was being heard. Now THAT’s a good use of some old-fashioned American pluck!)


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  1. Shannon Lewis
    Shannon Lewis May 16, 2005 at 1:09 pm | | Reply

    Not only pluck, but good use of publicity and some free advertising! Gotta love capitalism :)

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