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It’s My Blog and I’ll XXXX if I Want to

I’ve been getting offers lately to write for diabetes newsletters and “official” diabetes Web sites. I’ve been giving this some serious thought. While I utterly appreciate the interest — believe you me! — I feel I’m developing a somewhat obsessive attachment to “Diabetes Mine.”
I mean, if something sucks I want to be free to say so. DIABETES SUCKS! There, see?! I want to be able to say that and a lot more, all with…

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Road Trip

I drove over 400 miles one way to take my kids to Disneyland this week. A few Diabetic Observations on this road trip:
1) If you drive long distances regularly, you really need to be on the pump. I just couldn’t stand to stop the car just to inject myself, so got way high and all out of control the whole @%&* travel day.
2) Oooh, the layers of complexity with packing! Insulin on ice,…

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Grade Schools Vindicated, Sort of…

OK, so the local elementary school curriculum on health is better than I thought. After my recent grumblings about their deficient coverage of healthy eating habits, my second-grader came home a few days later with a 27-page booklet and completed nutrition quiz (score: 27 out of 28. Triumph!) There were charts and vivid pictures of foods that kids actually eat (fried rice, quesadillas, tuna sandwiches, fruit roll-ups) with exercises on identifying the Food Groups involved…

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