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The ADA vs. Dr. Bernstein

The moderator of the ADA Message Board has removed my post re: “Dr. Bernstein vs. the ADA” from their forum, claiming I was trying to “create a controversy when there hasn’t been any” in order to stir things up. I think they found the title offensive. Clearly, the ADA does not like to see itself at odds with Dr.Bernstein and his followers. I guess this discussion is better off restricted to the dLife site, after…

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Dr. Bernstein vs. the ADA

Talk about your controversial subjects! I discovered a message thread on the dLife Message Board on the topic: “dr. bernstein vs the ada – whom do you believe?” that’s been raging since Jan. 23! To date, there are 65 posts (and counting) covering 7 pages of post thread. Some of them are long enough to hit a second page as a Word document. (I know, ‘cause I tried it: can you say, “Diabetic Internet Geek”?)…

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Research Matters: Stem Cells and Dr. Faustman

Speaking of children with diabetes, I’d like to say a bit more about research, and why stem cells matter. No intention of wading into the morally and politically charged quagmire here (When does life begin? How must we treat embryos?); just want to offer a little “primer” for those less familiar with the groundbreaking research going on now.
First, I found an excellent site that tells you everything you need to know about stem cell…

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On Motherhood and Diabetes: Bittersweet

First and foremost, let me say: I’m glad it’s me. I CANNOT IMAGINE trying to manage diabetes for my child…
How do you make them understand what all the pricks are for? How do you make them stand still? And who the hell knows what a 2yr-old (or a 5yr-old or 7yr-old) is going to eat? or has eaten? When I’m struggling to open the can of Spaghettios with the bagels smoking in the toaster…

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Free Gifts with Diabetes

What did you get? Let’s see, mine came with a thyroid disorder and severe allergic reactions that turned out to be gluten intolerance. So now on top of the carb-counting and the shots, I’m limited to wheat-free foods, which is a whole other world of complexity, since so much “normal” food is glutinous. Are we having fun yet?!
I’m finding out how common it is for us folks with one organ-specific autoimmune disease to develop…

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