Dr. Bernstein and Gingrich on “Transforming Diabetes Care”

What do Dr. Bernstein and Newt Gingrich have in common? Well, it seems they’re both advocates for transforming diabetes care. This month, both are speaking out about how America’s increasingly sedentary lifestyle is cultivating diabetes, and what to do about it.

The low-carb guru himself Dr. K. Bernstein writes a regular “corner” on the Diabetes in Control web site. This week’s article is called, “Why a Low-Carb Diet Is the Only Answer for Diabetics, Part 1.” In this article, Dr. B talks about the good and the bad of the low-carb craze, i.e. the fact that no standard exists for what constitutes a “low-carb” product, thus the widespread abuse of this label for marketing purposes. Still, not surprisingly, he concludes: “There is simply no question a truly low carbohydrate diet … is the solution for diabetics. Indeed, it’s the solution to the obesity that plagues increasingly sedentary populations around the world.” Sounds fabulous, now let’s see it in action! (Clearly a challenge for folks like me)

Newt Gingrich addressed the issue from another angle as the keynote speaker at Novo Nordisk’s first “Diabetes Summit,” held March 31 – April 3 in Dallas. The event’s theme was: “Changing the Course of Diabetes for Good,” with the fundamental mission being “to catalyze a fundamental transformation in the current diabetes healthcare system.” He spoke about saving lives and money for all Americans by “transforming today’s model of diabetes care into a reliable system of health management focused on wellness and prevention.”

Further: “It is time to start focusing on prevention and improved care, rather than sacrificing lives and increasing long-term spending by engaging in the morally outrageous policy of cutting short-term costs by denying quality care.” Sounds fabulous, now let’s see it in action! (Clearly a challenge for a system like ours)

Sedentary lifestyle… wait a minute! While cutting out most carb-rich foods and reforming the health care system nationwide are both good ideas that may be difficult to implement, maybe we could focus in the meantime on transforming the sedentary lifestyle into a more active one (?)


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