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WHO Study on Diabetes

No, not as in “Horton Hears a…” (been there, done that). Rather, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced last month that it’s initiating a study on the economic impact of diabetes “for a world-wide implementation model for controlling the disease.”

I suppose it’s wrong to be excited about the fact that diabetes is no longer considered a “lifestyle disease” of affluent countries, but rather now ranks as one of the world’s most serious non-communicable diseases.…

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Out of the Closet, or NOT

A lot of diabetics are uncomfortable testing their blood and taking shots in public. I’m totally out there, perhaps because I was just too old for all that self-consciousness BS by the time I got this disease. Or perhaps because after breastfeeding three children in public places, I just couldn’t make no never mind about giving myself a tiny little shot. From the beginning, I’d just unload my purse on the restaurant table and get…

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“The Cure” for Type 1, Perhaps

Wow! There’s a lot of buzz right now about the British man who was “cured” of Type 1 diabetes with islet cells from donor pancreases transplanted into his liver. He’s apparently producing his own insulin and is entirely free from hypoglycemia.

This looks to be the first completely successful islet cell transplantation. Previous patients escaped from hypoglycemia but continued to require insulin in small doses.

Perfecting a procedure known as the the “Edmonton Protocol,” doctors…

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What if I Didn’t Inhale?

Powder form? Are they kidding me? Am I the only one mystified by the concept of new inhalable insulin? How the heck does dosing work?

Exubera. Sounds fun, ay? Apparently one inhales it before meals using a device which I’m assuming looks like an asthma inhaler. So how much is a unit, I wonder? And how can the inhaler set unit dosages precise enough for insulin-sensitive folks like me, who respond to half-units of the…

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FDA Approval: Good, Bad, or Just Ugly?

Hold on a moment: I’m donning my kid gloves to touch this one –- perhaps the most contentious issue in American medicine right now. The battle rages in the Senate as I write.
Is the FDA too fast or too slow to approve new drugs? Is their approval meaningful, or just a result of the strong arm of big pharma business and pork-barrel politics? Most importantly, how do I know the drugs my endocrinologist is…

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