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The Elusive Value of Symlin

As noted, I’m not so interested in the worth -– or market potential –- of this new drug from Amylin Pharmaceuticals as I am in the actual value to patients. I was initially excited and intrigued by this first new offering to help Type 1 diabetics since insulin in the 1920s. Yet after querying several doctors and a number of patients who chose to stay on Symlin after participating in a study, I must say…

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More Chocolate Bennies

Researchers in Italy seem to have heard my prayers. They have uncovered further evidence that chocolate promotes good health -- even better, that eating dark chocolate regularly improves insulin response. Results published in the March issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that study participants' blood pressure decreased, and they showed improvements in insulin sensitivity, meaning they were better able to metabolize glucose (sugar). Fab!
OK, now for the disclaimers: the University of…

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Forbidden Treats

Let’s stop pretending that diabetics don’t eat chocolate. Come on, it’s right there on the Hierarchy of Human Needs, somewhere between Safety and Love. But it’s a complex mix of fat and sugar, so dosing for it takes some training.
Here we stand right before the Easter weekend, with that bunny packing baskets full of forbidden treats, so this is a good time to share strategies, I’d say. I usually inject 20-30 minutes AFTER eating…

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Diabetes T-Shirt Contest

Further to my rally cry on maintaining a positive attitude, hop on over to my pal Gina's site DiabetesTalkFest to enter the T-shirt contest (no photos necessary, and no water involved
Some of my favorite slogans submitted so far include "Hit me with your best shot!," "Diabetics do it with a prick," "Bleed Daily," and "My sister got diabetes.... and all I got was this stupid T-shirt." Hurry! All entries must be in by April…

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Bad News, You Can’t Use

I am in total agreement with Violet over at Pumplandia that the influx of negative diabetes news gets you DOWN. That's why I'm trying to make this blog an upbeat place. I did say “encouragement” in the header for a reason
You know what? I kind of had my blinders on before I started this blog: I figured all I needed to know was how to use the equipment they gave me, and screw everything…

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